League Trials Meet

With its new location at Oak Ridge High School, League Trials also came with a twist this year as 12 entries will move on to friday’s Finals Meet. From there a group of the top 8 runners from each of the events (800m, 1600m, and 3200m) will all advance to the SJS Sections Trials Meet (last year only the top 4 moved on from finals to sections).

For the 800m on the Varsity side, we had three male athletes move on to the Finals friday, Tate Sutter in the fourth seed, and both Joseph Simopoulos and Ben Edwards with massive PRs to help advance them. For the girls, Chloe Jeppson was the lone survivor amongst those moving on, yet her achievement also gave her a great PR of 2:29 for 800m.

On the Junior Varsity side, Jared Gode concludes our runners moving on the finals friday in the 800m, as he got a PR as well with 2.09.

Del Oro Dual Meet v.s. Folsom

Being on our home turf for the first meet of the year, the Men’s Varsity team took it to the Bulldogs with a score of 83-44, walking away not only with a victory but again with many PR’s. Congrats to all those who continue to PR, keep up the hard work!


Tate Sutter 2:03, Garret LaPlante 2:13, Ryan Suchomel 2:22, Clay Clark 2:26, Joseph Moyer 2:30, Caden Woo 2:33, James Alder 2:39, Matthew Alder 2:44, Benjamin Church 2:45, Emilie Merz 2:33


Bryan Stafford 4:51, Ben Edwards 4:51, Chloe Jeppson 5:34, Cerina Wagner 6:18, Garret LaPlante 4:49,

Edward Sahyoun 5:06.48, Clayton Clark 5:11, Ryan Suchomel 5:18.72, James Alder 5:38


Gavin Bomhoff 11:34, Ashley Carey 13:14, Cerina Wagner 13:40, Jessica Ridgeway 13:24

Del Oro Tri Meet @Whitey vs Granite Bay

With such a successful set of meets 2 weeks prior, the expectations for this league meet were high. Del Oro distance continued through with another outstanding performance. Emilie Mertz won the Varsity Girls 800m coming in at 2:34, a new PR as well. Chloe Jeppson also managed a PR and first place finish flying in at 5:43 for the 1600m. Following her incredible run, Brayden McLaughlin cruised through his 1600 and 800 in first place followed by Reed Garland’s 1st place finish outkicking whitney on the last of the eight laps. Garret LaPlante rounded out the 1st place finishes by DO. The 4x400 represented by Brayden McLaughlin, Andrew Dennis, Reed Garland, and Ryan Mulholland narrowly edged out Whitney’s 4x4 with a photo finish lean by Ryan Mulholland, proving distance runners can compete with and even beat sprinters in their own event.

Huge congratulations to all of our new PRs


Eddie Sahyoun 2:17, Cadon Woo 2:38, Andrew Dennis 2:05, Emilie Mertz 2:34, Hannah Busenbark 2:36


Chloe Jeppson 5:43, Hannah Busenbark 5:49, Kylie Corkill 6:09, Joe Simopoulos 4:49, Bryan Stafford 4:53, Ben Lubiens 4:54, Ryan Mann 5:33, Garret LaPlante 4:50, Joe Moyer 5:24, Caden Woo 5:30, James Alder 5:44, Ben Church 5:46, Matthew Alder 5:47, Janus Alexander 6:26


Lefebvre Relays/Title IV Invitational

A.K.A. “PR City”

PR’s all around for these two meets in a row, both friday and saturday of March 2019.

Hannah Wirth and Brayden McLaughlin both winning the 2 mile at the Lefebvre Relays on friday, yet this was just the start for the successful weekend for Del Oro distance team.
Every single runner on Del Oro’s Distance team attained a new PR on friday in the 3200m except for Hannah Wirth who won the race in 11:54.

The following day, another successful meet for D.O.D. as they participated in a rare event the 1500m. Kylie Corkill got a 5:38 converting to her first sub-6minute mile time. Ben Edwards going 4:34 for the 1500m converting to a 4:49 mile time, surprising many with such a low mile convert for never going sub 5 minute before. Joe Simopoulos, Garret LaPlant, Ryan Mann, Caden Woo, and Janus ALexander led the DO boys with new PRs in the 800m as well. Jessica Ridgeway(5:54) and Marissa Heald(5:47) also achieved success in the 1500m event with great PRs.

Overall an amazing two day event of two meets for the entire team with record setting numbers of PRs and fun for everyone.


Grape Games

The first meet for many, and most have already begun their season of PR’s. With Garret LaPlante and Joe Simopoulos both going sub 5 minute for the 1600for the first time, and Bryan Stafford hitting a 5:00.46, it was a quite successful event in the rain for all distance athletes involved. Ben Edwards, Edward Sahyoun, and Ben Lubiens joined Bryan with near sub-5 minute mile times, showing the depth of the men’s distance team, who will add several new members to the under 5 minute mile club in the upcoming meets.

For the girls, we had Chloe Jeppson edge closer to her PR with a time of 5:50 in the 1600m and Marissa Heald hit a 6:01 for the 1600m as well. Newcomer Kylie Corkill set her PR in the 1600m with a time of 6:26, a great start to an already successful season.


Varsity boys prep for the start of Sub Sections

Varsity boys prep for the start of Sub Sections


With a successful end to the 2018 track season under new Head of Distance, Coach Dustin Fee, Del Oro Cross-Country had nowhere to go but up. The training began in early June over the summer, and consistent work was put in all throughout the summer. By the second meet of the year, the JV boys team, and both boys and girls varsity teams had won the entire Kim Duyst Invitational Meet. This success continued on to the highly acclaimed Stanford Invitational Meet, where the Varsity Girl’s team placed first led by Riley Chamberlain in first and followed by Hannah Wirth, Alissa Pessin, and Chloe Jeppson.

Again Del Oro continued to perform at the annual Mt. Sac Invitaional in L.A. with both Riley and Brayden winning their races on the famous hills of Mt. San Antonio College. Ben Lubiens of JV led his race strong, until losing at the finish by just one mere second yet still impressing his teammates with a second placed finish. The top 7 teams celebrated with a full day trip to Disney Land after their lucrative performances on the storied Mt. Sac course.

The young girls team shows promise for the future as this Varsity Girls top 7 earned 13th place as a team in DIII of CIF State XC Championships including Riley Chamberlain, Hannah Wirth, Alissa Pessin, Chloe Jeppson, Emile Mertz, and Sydni Dyer, and Jenna Barba.

While the boys Varsity team just missed the State qualification by one place, they will soon be filled with the JV team’s young talent and begin working towards reaching the state meet annually again.

Conclusions from 2018 XC Season

JV to Varsity Top 7, Garret LaPlante PR’d by nearly 2 minutes going from a 19:36 3 mile to 17:53

Joe Simopoulos joining the ranks of Top 7 nearing the end of the season PRing by over 30 seconds

Ryan Suchomel shaved off 3 minutes from his 3mile time as of last year

Jenna Barba’s 3mile was 24:36 but this year achieved a 21:50 5k

Cerina Wagner wins Wildfire Invitational Meet

Ben Lubiens went from 20:47 in the 3 mile to an 18:00 race for the 5k. Shaving off nearly 3 minutes off his time even with the adjustment to racing a longer distance.

Bryan Stafford bested his 5k time also, by over a minute ending the season with a 5k PR of 16:49, and earning himself an individual Qualification to the State Meet where he placed 100th in the DIII race.

Riley Chamberlain went nearly undefeated through the season, ranking among the top freshmen in the nation. During this season she became a State Champion and produced the 3rd fastest Freshmen time in California history. After such an amazing State meet she also qualified to the NXN as a California representative.

Brayden McLaughlin put out a new 5k pr of 15:26 on the state meet course placing 3rd in the Division III State Championship race.

Reed Garland managed to pull off a PR of 16:43 in the 5k in just 4 races after a comeback of a season.


Alissa Pessin training with hill repeats in preparation for her Boston Marathon Qualifying Race.