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Head Coach: Dustin Fee Assistant Coach: Melissa Starkey Assistant Coach: Damon Chamberlain

I choose to coach Cross Country at Del Oro because I felt I not only could make our runners better physically, but mentally as well in preparing them how to be a success in life. I have had the privilege of running competitive since I was in the third grade. In that time I was blessed to have had some amazing coaches teach me how to become the runner I was. Such as Ron Hyatt, Bill Dellinger (Summer Camps), Rick Foley, and Gary Towne. All of these men not only taught me something about the sport but how to succeed on and off the track or xc course.  As I got into coaching Track and Field I realized I wanted to give back to the sport, what the sport had given to me. I wish for nothing more than to be just like one of those coaches that impacted me and teach the same concept.

Following a passion can be one of the most rewarding experiences of anybody's life. Bill Dellinger taught me back in 5th grade “Whatever you choose to do in life, do it because you love to do it.” That simple lesson has stuck with me ever since it was stamped in my brain that day as a 5th grader. I try to not only teach this to my athletes but students as well. This coaching philosophy has become a part of the foundation that I strive to coach for all student athletes.

My second philosophy would be that “Work,Works” Their is no substitute for work. You either do it or you don’t. It does not matter the talent level. If talent doesn't work hard than hard work will be talent. “Work Works”

I got into running because my dad passed his love of running down to me.  I started competing in track in junior high and cross country in high school and knew right away that distance is where I belonged. I later ran in college under Coach Kim Duyst who really showed me what I was missing all my life in a coach. She took the time to meet with everyone, assess each athlete's goals and created individual training plans. I had never been a part of team like that before and felt really empowered under her leadership.  My college experience is what led me to want to be a coach and I hope to be able to assist our team in much the same way. 

I believe that running is fun and is it is exciting to watch athletes work hard and see results. My running philosophy can be summed up in the words of Shalane Flannigan, "No excuses.  Just do the work."  This is what I love most about running, anyone can do it and if you just put the work in, you will see results. 

Hardwork, never giving up, and positivity

I believe these are qualities every athlete should learn to live by. Both in their sport and outside of it. "A popular cliche says 'nothing worthwhile is easy'. Beliefs like these don't only describe viewpoints, they program hard work into our characteristics and lives. They teach us, not everything is about talent and natural abilities. However with hard work, comes the ability to easily give up under such circumstances. But one who can put in the work, and keep going throughout the pain and the struggle become great. The last step in achieving greatness is positivity, a requirement for success. Positivity gets you through the rough times and it keeps you humble and hardworking throughout the best of times. It can elevate others around you and yourself too. This is what I aim to teach my athletes.